A well-rested family is a happy family. Let's get your family sleeping. 

Let's get your family sleeping!

Are you exhausted

Do you dread bedtime or even dread going to bed yourself because you know you'll be up several times throughout the night?

Have you  read all the blogs and tried "all the things" and your child is still struggling with sleep? 

Sleep is so important to your family's happiness and well-being. I want to help your family get the sleep you need to thrive! With the right strategies and supports, all babies and children are capable of being good sleepers. I will work with you to find a method of teaching your child to sleep that honors your beliefs, parenting style, and your child's needs. 

Unlike self-paced programs that you can purchase online, I offer responsive coaching, and individualized support. I start by learning about your child and your family, create a plan specifically designed for you, and adjust your plan as needed to continuously meet your child's needs as we help him develop healthy sleep patterns and habits. 

Group Class Spotlight

Not sure you need a full on 2-Week Consultation Package, but want a little guidance and support as you get your child sleeping through the night? Group coaching is a great and cost-effective choice! 

Baby Sleep

Two Week Coaching Group


Saturdays and Tuesdays

3pm-4pm  ET


Are you ready to get your baby sleeping through the night? Join other parents and caregivers in this 4 session coaching group, where I will give you the tools to help your baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep!  Part of each session will be a time for you to share your successes and struggles, and to ask questions so that you can work towards better sleep for your baby.

The coaching group includes:

This class is recommended for parents and caregivers of babies ages 4 months-2.5 years old.

Questions? email Ali at ali@snugglesandslumber.com

Let's get your family sleeping!