A well-rested family is a happy family. I'm here to help your family get the sleep you need to thrive.

I've been where you are, and I know firsthand how lack of sleep can impact every single part of your day. As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and a mom of two, I'm here to help you get to the other side!

Hey there! I'm Ali Manning. I'm so glad you found my page. If you're here, I'm guessing you feel a lot like I did when my daughter was struggling with sleep: exhausted, helpless, desperate, and maybe a even a little unhinged. I remember wanting nothing more than to comfort her and at the same time, feeling like if I heard her cry one more time in the middle of the night after I had already been up with her 3 times, I was going to lose my mind.  Lack of sleep, especially while you're also learning how to be a parent (or balancing everything as a parent of two or more) is HARD! 

The good news?  I'm here to help you transform your child's sleep. Working with a sleep consultant to help our first child sleep well changed our lives, and now I'm ready to change yours!  When we work together, we'll look at the many aspects of your child's day that impact sleep, pinpointing exactly what's keeping your child from sleeping through the night and napping well.  Together, we will make moves that change, well...everything! 

Whether you have a newborn or a "big kid", I'm ready to help you transform your child's sleep in a way that feels comfortable to you and matches your parenting style. 

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Here are some common sleep issues I help parents with. 

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Here's why I'm the sleep consultant for you

Helping your child sleep well involves so much more than sleep training! When we work together, I will learn all about your child and your family so that we can pinpoint the cause of your child's difficulty with sleep. We'll find solutions that both meet your child's needs, and feel right in your heart. There are often little changes we can make that have a big impact on your child's sleep!  

 I will provide the coaching, support, accountability and expertise that you need to make amazing changes in your child's sleep. Everything we do will be designed specifically to meet your child's individual needs, and I will guide you through the process as your child grows into an amazing sleeper. With a B.S. in Child Development and 19 years of teaching experience,  I have many tools to support your child's social-emotional, sensory and behavioral needs as well. These often go hand-in-hand with sleep struggles for older toddlers and young children. 

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